Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FINALLY..the big secret room reveal

Remember back here when I gave a sneak peek of our playroom addition?  Well this little room has been a project for soooooooooooooo long it feels like, we actually started last summer since this space is over the garage and before we sheetrocked the garage ceiling we had to frame in and get all the sheetrock up in this space!   We worked off and on (mostly off) then got seriously chugging on it this January..2011 seems to be our year of finishing all our 1/2 done projects..which are MANY! 

The original idea came from a super cute blog called NannyGoat.  We had literally just added on our garage and the shared wall matched right up with the existing playroom when I saw this post, how perfect is that?!?! As you can all imagine, hubby was just overjoyed when I showed him, but I quickly placed most of the blame on my sister Paula for showing it to me in the first place!

So...loads and loads of pictures in this post but we are just so thrilled to be done and couldn't be happier how it turned out...the girls are in love with the new space & all their friends that come for playdates are in amazement...man I would have killed for a space like this when I was a kid...guess I can just live vicariously through my girls now....awww, who am I kidding?! I am in there crawling around with them every chance I get! :)

The entrance! 
Its hard to show true size in pictures but my 2 year old is taller than the opening!  Yes, I made Dave use actual shingles on the roof, the mailbox I found @ Joanns during Valentines day.  All the trim is leftover from other parts of the house, I made the glittery little welcome sign with my cricut. Still on my quest to find a tiny little battery coach light!

Just inside the little "fairy entrance" my girls are crazy into fairies and pretend so this is what the new space is all about!  Let their imaginations go crazy & have a magical place to just dream & pretend! The graphic reads "We believe in fairies..." and a little fairy on a vine swing next to it!  Let me tell you this little section was a real joy to work in, Dave laying on his back or crawling on knees to hang & finish sheetrock and me trying to paint..I plan to do a little more decorative touches in there but that's on the "someday" list!

The lights are from my wedding! Crazy but after we got it all done and just a nightlight in this little crawlspace it was pretty dark..I was looking around for a strand of Christmas lights and remembered using these at my wedding, dug through boxes in the attic and there they were, still with the sage green tulle wrapped around them!

This is the view from the crawlspace to the larger part of the playroom where it opens into the existing space. The glorious free cabinet stuffed with dress up clothes :)

Here is the part up the stairs, this was all a crazy angled space due to working within the garage rafters but its extra space that wasn't going to be utilized and now its played in daily! I used leftover green paint from our master bedroom on the lower, drybrushing some up onto the higher part of the wall to look like grass and leftover blue paint from our guest room on the top for the sky. I wanted some cute magical touches so I added the cherry blossom tree on 1 wall & dandelions on the other wall, these are one of the girls most favorite part of summer..they search the yard for them to blow and make a wish!


 Grrr...I really need a good camera, impossible to get nice pics of these to do them justice!

So that's it, here are some shots of the whole space, old & new!

A corner just for baby stuff, includes all Em's Santa presents!

Little reading corner on the window seat & bins to hold all the "stuff"!

Games/puzzles, the TONS of Littlest Pet Shop gear & computer in this spot!

view into the new section from the old part!

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  1. Wonderful! What lucky girls! You guys did a great job!
    Way to go little sis!