Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Laurie Berkner Band here we come.....

Laurie Berkner Band has been a FAVORITE in our house for years now....

Soooo excited.....We are taking a quick little weekend family getaway to PA to see her live in concert!!!! 

Headed to Sesame Place for the Sunday 6/2 concert, find details here if you are local and can join in the fun!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

DIY Mercury glass!

So all over pinterest and blog land you can find ways to create your own version of old school mercury glass! I had to try it out, grabbed a can of Krylon looking glass spray paint & cruised over the tons of tutorials which are all pretty much the same! Put some water & white vinegar {equal parts} in a spray bottle, have spray paint on hand and go to town! I chose to spray the inside of my containers but I saw plenty of people who sprayed the outside too so I assume either way would work! Give a light coat of the spray paint and let dry for about 10 minutes, then spray with your water/vinegar mixture and let dry again for about 10 minutes. I did this cycle 4 times! The last coast I let sit for a good 30 minutes then took Saran Wrap and blotted around the inside to remove just a bit of the paint! I LOVE my results!!!!
Good luck!