Monday, February 25, 2013

Homemade Laundry Soap ~ New & improved recipe!

I have been making my own laundry detergent for quite awhile now...not really any complaints about the recipe I used to make which you can find here!  My only annoyance with the original recipe was quite a bit of pre-treating still and you lose that fresh laundry scent...which is like crack to a drug addict, peanut butter to jelly, milk to cookies {ok ok you get it!} for me! I LOVE the smell of clean laundry!

Thanks to my seriously out of control Pinterest addiction I came across a new recipe, here & its from one of my all time favorite blogs, HowDoesShe !!

This makes a huge amount which I am actually thrilled about since that makes it even easier in the long run since this will last forever!  Even though I have made my own for so long I was still skeptical since you only use 1-2 tbs per load & I couldn't find the ZOTE soap anywhere local so had to order from eBay {if you go that route make sure you notice what size bars you are buying since they are sold in small/large varieties and this recipe calls for 2 large size bars}!  I can say now that I am a total believer!  I have 2 little stain makers {both with sensitive skin} in my house, this new recipe has yet to let a stain sneak through to the dryer & have had no issues with skin irritations either!  Smells great {WooooHooo!!} and super convenient!!! 


 Recipe calls for optional ingredient of 1-2 55oz Purex Crystals, I couldn't find that large size so went with 1 28oz bottle and I think it adds just the right amount of fresh smell but you could always go with more or leave out all together!

I was able to find everything but the ZOTE at Walmart
Rubbermaid tote $6.97
Borax $3.38
Purex Crystals $4.76
Oxyclean $7.52
Baking Soda $2.24
Washing Soda $3.78
Toss all the parts into a large bin with a lid {I grabbed a Rubbermaid 19qt with locking lid}, I added everything then grated the 2 bars of ZOTE on top and let sit out uncovered all night to dry out the soap a bit since its a very soft soap.  I HIGHLY recommend either adding the 5 containers in layers or stirring as you go because I just simply dumped them all in and when it came time to mix it up gave quite the upper arm/shoulder workout!
In the recipe it suggests to save the Purex crystals container and use the lid as your measuring scoop, I opted to just use it straight outta the large container and saved the Oxyclean scoop which has lines and #2 line = 2 tbs so easy peasy measuring!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

We went all pinterest CAH-RAAAZY up in here this year for the big holiday of hearts!!!!!  Thank goodness for amazingly crafty bloggers and free printables!!!

Emerson chose these super cute bubble valentines for her class!

Savannah chose these sweet fishbowl {complete with gummy fish of course} valentines for her class!
We certainly cannot forget the teachers....who each got a super delish Gertrude Hawk chocolate covered caramel dipped apple with a fun tag!
Yet another great pinterest idea......I gave my girls both "heart attacks" to wake up to! So simple, just cut out some hearts, write reason you love them & hang them in their doorway!  Special way to wake up & feel extra loved on a holiday thats allllllllllllll about love!

Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 Valentine Dance!

This is such a fun annual event and the girls look forward to it all year!!  Daddy/Daughter Valentine dance; complete with photos, princesses, crafts and dancing!

Love these memories Dave is creating with our girls!! What a GREAT dad!!!

It's like prom for little girls with the ONLY date their daddy would ever approve of!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Im coming home from a NYC girls weekend today AND in training classes that last till 7pm half the week so its ALL about easy dinners!!

#1 french bread pizza & tossed salad
#2 BLT's w/ fresh fruit
#3  beef & cheese enchiladas w/ spanish rice
#4 crockpot teryaki chicken w/ fried rice

granola bars