Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009...Hello 2010..

New Years Eve....leaving 2009 and entering 2010..WOW, let me start by saying 20 years ago, I would have bet money on the fact that by the year 2010 we would all be living like "The Jetsons" in our super space cars and robot maids! The world has come a long way but not quite that far ;) I would settle for a chauffeur & real life maid though :)~

My hopes for the coming year, I gave up resolutions LONG ago since I never seem to be able to keep them no matter how good my intentions might be!!!! I wish for health and happiness above all else for my loved ones...that my girls will be safe during the whole upcoming year and we will be happy as a family, take more time to just enjoy each other and the little things in life..Like today we went for a ride on the carousel @ the mall and the joy on those little sweet little faces for the 4 minute ride was worth well more than the $2 admission it cost us! I have a sign in our living room that reads "Do one thing everyday that makes you happy" I intend to start enforcing that for everyone in our house!

Happy New Year to everyone out there and may 2010 bring you whatever you hope it will!

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!!!

Such a FUN Christmas this year! Savannah was over the top excited about it and Emmie is starting to get into the fun of it all now too!!! Seeing their little faces light up Christmas morning when they see all that Santa has brought along with the haul from all their loved ones is priceless!

It was a Zhu Zhu Christmas extravaganza this morning for Savannah, a tower of Zhu Zhu houses and accessories surrounded by stacks of hamsters all wrapped with a big blue bow from Santa!!! A Laugh & Learn kitchen for Emerson with all the music and lights she loves so much from Santa!! Not to mention all the fun toys from mom and dad and all their AZ long distance relatives!

We had the whole day to ourselves the first time ever since Savannah was born, it was SOOOO nice to just let them tear into the wrapping, throw stuff all over, strew toys across the whole house and stay in PJ's till 3 in the afternoon! Truly a fun Christmas filled with laughter and playing and just enjoying our family all day long!! I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas day as we did!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree.....

Every year since Savannah was only 3 months old we have trekked out in the snow to Wheeler's Christmas Tree Farm to find the perfect tree, cut it down (much to Dave's dismay with a bow saw since I don't allow chainsaws in our "perfect Christmas experience"!) drag it thru the woods to the truck and then home to cut it practically in 1/2 since I always seem to pick 20' tall trees, but to my defense its really hard to judge size in the forest.....decorate it and load it with presents!!

This year will be our last year @ Wheelers since he has taken down his sign but still allowed people to come that have always came and didn't know better! :) Have to figure out a nearby place to start with next year, any suggestions let me know! 3 minutes up the road and $15 any tree any size is going to be hard to beat!

Here is our tree for 2009! Emmie's 2nd time and much more fun that last year since she is old enough to go on the sled and have fun with big sister Savannah now!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Elf On The Shelf!

This is the MOST amazing thing for parents of young kids! I learned about it thru Dave's cousins Suzy & Jenn. Our elf came to our house tonight, the doorbell rang and there was a package under the tree on our front porch. What a SURPRISE and very exciting for Savannah to go and grab it...what could it be? Mom & Dad had no idea so she brought it in, we sat down in the living room and opened it up. Inside was a book & a little elf doll. I read the "instruction book" while Savannah's eyes got wider and wider with each turning page....the book was read and she was crazy about "Elfie" already. You have to name your elf and thats the name she picked! So, 1st night with Elfie was a success and a very well behaved little girl who loves to talk to her new friend and give him messages for his boss Santa! Wonder where he will be in the morning????

Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings..........hopefully this good behavior to score her spot on the "Nice List" will last!