Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree.....

Every year since Savannah was only 3 months old we have trekked out in the snow to Wheeler's Christmas Tree Farm to find the perfect tree, cut it down (much to Dave's dismay with a bow saw since I don't allow chainsaws in our "perfect Christmas experience"!) drag it thru the woods to the truck and then home to cut it practically in 1/2 since I always seem to pick 20' tall trees, but to my defense its really hard to judge size in the forest.....decorate it and load it with presents!!

This year will be our last year @ Wheelers since he has taken down his sign but still allowed people to come that have always came and didn't know better! :) Have to figure out a nearby place to start with next year, any suggestions let me know! 3 minutes up the road and $15 any tree any size is going to be hard to beat!

Here is our tree for 2009! Emmie's 2nd time and much more fun that last year since she is old enough to go on the sled and have fun with big sister Savannah now!

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