Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!!!

Such a FUN Christmas this year! Savannah was over the top excited about it and Emmie is starting to get into the fun of it all now too!!! Seeing their little faces light up Christmas morning when they see all that Santa has brought along with the haul from all their loved ones is priceless!

It was a Zhu Zhu Christmas extravaganza this morning for Savannah, a tower of Zhu Zhu houses and accessories surrounded by stacks of hamsters all wrapped with a big blue bow from Santa!!! A Laugh & Learn kitchen for Emerson with all the music and lights she loves so much from Santa!! Not to mention all the fun toys from mom and dad and all their AZ long distance relatives!

We had the whole day to ourselves the first time ever since Savannah was born, it was SOOOO nice to just let them tear into the wrapping, throw stuff all over, strew toys across the whole house and stay in PJ's till 3 in the afternoon! Truly a fun Christmas filled with laughter and playing and just enjoying our family all day long!! I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas day as we did!

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