Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Savannah!

12 years birthday you will be an official teenager...where does the time go? Seriously...when you're a brand new mom with that sweet baby who smells heavenly (for reals, there is no better scent than fresh babies is there!?!)   everyone tells you "oh it goes so fast really enjoy the moments and little things and sleepless nights and always wanting to be held" a new mom who is exhausted and life has just been turned upside down you want to scream at them......but then the years go by and it does feel like just yesterday you were bringing that sweet baby girl home from the hospital scared to death and convinced you would break her within a week and someone would come to take her away.  Now she's in 7th grade and deep into those tween can still remember the feeling of cradling her and the smell of her little head!

Happy birthday to you Savannah Lee.  I hope this next year is filled with joy and laughter and success for you.  You had a few of your besties over for a movie date followed by a sleepover with an awesome Miss Nicki cake of course.....chocolate chocolate and so more chocolate with a huge smiley on top!!!  Then on your actual birthday Dad and I surprised you by taking off the day from work so we could celebrate you and do something fun! You've always scored a 3 day weekend for your birthday falling on Columbus Day so Monday was Fort Rickey petting zoo since you're an animal lover to the core followed by lunch at Nicky Doodles of course!  Love you sweet will always be Mommy's sweet sweet Savannah, my sweet baby girl!