Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The secret room!

We have had plans for quite awhile now to expand the girl's playroom. When we first converted storage space into a playroom when Savannah was 2 we never could imagine needing MORE room for toys...but with 1 more daughter and several more years of adding more toys we are there! I am reminded by my in-laws more times than I can count that my girls live in a toy store.... I prefer to focus on the fact that we are so blessed as parents to be able to provide so much and they are so lucky to have so much! Both my girls truly realize how fortunate they are & both have very big and giving hearts so I am really not concerned with how "spoiled" they are! Not to mention we work our butts off to provide a great life for our girls and 95% of their toys are garage sale, craigslist or freebies!!! :)

Here are some pictures of the orginal playroom being built and completed (with painstakingly painted murals!!)

I follow way too many blogs (just ask Dave!?!?) I think it was my sister Paula who actually pointed me to this one (trust me when I say that Dave thanks her everyday for introducing me to blogland ;) Anyway....this Nannygoat blog post grabbed me and I knew we would be copying it for sure! Since we had just added on our garage and the playroom was at just the right spot! PLUS, how fun is it to have a small little secret room with Alice in Wonderland type doorway! I can already imagine the fun and imagining that will go on in there!!

So over a year later we are nearing the finish line at last and the girls could not be more excited! We (and by we I mean Dave!) have done all the work ourselves up to this point to save $$ but doing it yourself adds way more time to the job too! :(

New Years day Dave cut the hole into the playroom wall to connect the 2 rooms, until this point the only access was through the super small door in the hallway near the girls bathroom..Dave had been wedging himself in and outta there to work on it! Here are some pictures to show progress and we hope to be able to hire someone to finish the sheet rock since that's the least favorite part & so incredibly hard if you are not trained to do that! Then paint and carpet and we are set! I already have BIG plans for painting and decorating this new space...all about a magical secret girly girl playroom!!

Daddy with 2 very happy little girls approving of his job so far!

Tiny little doorway from the hallway

just inside the small secret door

Completed photos to follow sometime in the hopefully near future! We plan to build a little roof peak out over the small door in the hallway and post a welcome sign there! Lots of other little cute fun ideas that will take life once the sheet rock is finished & the paint and floors are done!

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