Monday, January 31, 2011

Our weekly menu!

I have done menu planning for quite awhile now and its a true lifesaver!! I make a dinner menu on Saturday or Sunday before grocery shopping so I have 6-7 dinners planned for the week! I then pick and choose whatever I feel like making that day!  I also find doing this we have a way better variety of meals, rather than the same ole same ole week after week! I will admit I am addicted to food blogs and cooking sites but with all that stalking I find lots of recipes to try out on my guinea pigs, err, I mean family!  :)   I am really trying to make more and more from scratch instead of the processed crap out there and this meal planning helps with that as well!

Awhile back I started my own "cookbook" of recipes that have become our favorites and keep those in a binder!  That has helped so much since I get recipes from all over the internet, other cookbooks, friends, etc and SO frustrating to remember a meal you loved but yet cannot find the recipe ANYWHERE!?!

Meal #1 Roasted chicken, green beans, rice pilaf.
Meal #2 Spagetti Casserole, salad, sinful bread
Meal #3 Spicy Buffalo Chicken sandwiches (Everyday Food-Jan/Feb11) fries, grapes
Meal #4 Chicken w/ garlic & sundried tomato pasta, salad, baguette
Meal #5 Pizza bombs, mozzerella sticks, salad
Meal #6 Slow Cooker chili chicken tacos , spanish rice, chips w/ salsa
Meal #7 Parmesan Chicken Sticks, cantelope, carrots

A few little extras to try this week:

Cinnamon Raisin bread
Dolly Madison Cookies

Some snacks we tried recently that went in the "keep it" pile for sure :)

pudding pops (we made the strawberry cream!)
smores granola bars
granola (we left out cashews since we dont like them, I used sliced almonds instead of slivered & we added flax meal) *even Dave liked this, which speaks VOLUMES if you know my hubby!!!*

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