Monday, April 4, 2011

My sewing adventure!

So yesterday afternoon was my Sewing 101 class @ JoAnns.  I registered ahead of time, bought all my materials on the class list with Emerson's help. I was geared up to make a super amazing pillowcase {heavy sarcasm here!}

I get to the class yesterday only to learn the girls at the front counter had given me the wrong list! They gave me the Kids Sewing 101 rather than just the Sewing 101! that's why it read ages 8 & up, and I was all worried to be the creepy old lady in the room with all these kids {who would probably be better than me too!?!} So..I had bought the wrong items and promised my 2 lovely little gals that I would be coming home with a fairy pillowcase just for them!  Oh Boy I was gonna be in trouble!  Instead of a pillowcase I brought home these scraps of fabric from practice stitching, much less impressive - especially to a 2 & 6 year old!

NO, I didn't totally screw it up on that bottom line, I learned a "basting stitch" where you can then pull one end of the thread out & gather the fabric, then put in a final stitch, remove the basting stictch & your gathering stays put!! This will be handy for all these great sundresses I have dreams of making!

So, after the girls went to bed last night I busted out my material and was determined to make a pillowcase for them..I mean how hard could it be?!? I was convinced in 10 minutes I would done and they would be thrilled in the morning.....well almost 1 hour later {I know right?!?!}  I was done..I actually made something from nothing with no pattern or directions.  Its by no means perfect but to my girls its AWESOME and I don't forsee any expert seamstresses to be picking apart my handiwork; if they even try I say "bring it!"

This photo cost me 3 starburst jellybeans @ 8am!


  1. Aww, I'm sure your pillow cases look great :) Glad you made due on your fairy pillowcase promises!

  2. yay for you! looks great, and that picture of Emmie is adorable :)