Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Haley dress x 2!

So, last week I mentioned doing a sew-along with a blog I follow, JensOwnRoad.  This is an awesome blog with so many cool ideas and ways to inspire you.  I was super excited when she announced this sew-along for her "Haley Dress".  After the pillowcase dresses I was excited to try my hand at an actual dress with a pattern and everything!

Here are her tutorials - check it out!  The Haley Dress is listed first but other cute ones follow!

I had tons of questions and struggles all the way through but Jen was so sweet and patient and emailed me back all day & night to help me through it!  I learned how to make a pattern, make and use bias tape {So cool & WAY easier than I thought to make..must give a disclaimer here though because I swear it took me at least 1 hour to get the bias tape for the arm holes & straps pinned on and FOREVAH to sew it on} Here's to hoping I get better with practice!

So without further adieu, here are my girls completed dresses {please don't zoom in because they are far from perfect, BUT they are done, I am happy & my girls are smiling so I call that a success!}



And...on a side note check out what got delivered today!?!?!? My fancy smancy new Canon DSLR! {Dave got a $5000 motorcycle & this was my bribe consolation prize! ha ha} I am over the moon stoked about this and took everything I had not to run out to the driveway & hug the UPS guy when he pulled up!  Stay tuned for WAY better pictures at least after I learn how to work this thing!


  1. Dude. Ok so first of all, I'm amazed you were patient enough to listen to all of my rambling in my tutorials, and your dresses are fantastic.

    Second, I got a Rebel a couple months ago too. LOVE it. Have fun playing with your new camera!

  2. GREAT job, Nichole!!! I didn't do it. Working on pants for Finn. Ideas about a sewing club? I am way into it!!!! Meg