Friday, April 1, 2011

Bring color into your life ~ or at least your house!

If you don't already know Valspar Paint is having a huge Power in Color sample giveaway! The giveaway opens daily at 9am CST, I have been trying forever to score a jar but always too late or too early or forget all together.  The other day I saw their announcement on their FB page that the "store" had just opened so I clicked over quick and was so excited to finally make it and I didn't want to take all day deciding on a color so I went with with "Pomegranate Red", no clue why or what I will be using it on but I love deep reds & I was under the gun so I am sure I will find some old curbside treasure in my attic stash to makeover with it!  So, my advice to you would be go look through all their amazing choices and know what color you want beforehand or just dash over there make a quick choice and try something you normally wouldn't ever go for!

I already love Valspar Paint {remember my bathroom painting here} & Lowes is my ultimate home improvement store so I was super excited to get my package in the mail yesterday.  It comes with a little tray & roller, color palette to find coordinating colors, and a $5 coupon for a gallon of your choice @ your local Lowes too!

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