Thursday, December 30, 2010

Girls bathroom update!

OK, so this is the 3rd time I have redecorated our girls bathroom upstairs!?! The first time we had literally just finished building the room...sheetrock, plumbing, everything! Savannah was just a baby and I quickly found some angel motif to go with and made it work........I quickly tired of that since I really wasn't in love with to begin with but just lived with it since we had way to much else going on with a new baby 7 finishing the house.......then she was about 4, time flies!?!? I did a country outhouse theme complete with chickens painted on the walls and pictures of Savannah looking into outhouses on a preschool field trip! At that time I knew we would have at least 1 more baby and didn't want to do a girly bathroom in case we had a boy come along! Well now that we are done with kiddos and have 2 girly girls I found some super cute ideas for a bright fun and colorful bathroom!

I used these awesome products by cannot say enough about their stuff!! Of course I didn't pay full price, got both of these @ 1/2 off sale so it was under $20 with shipping & all!!! Frilly dots & Green Garden are the 2 I chose! I love that site and all the amazing wall treatments that are super easy to put up but sooo not permanent because lets face it, I change my mind a lot (just ask Dave!).

Another shout-out for Lowes Valspar Hi-Def Ultimate Hiding paint! Its paint and primer all in 1 and since I (A) never have tons of free time & (B) hate to paint, especially coat after coat this was fantastic! I was covering over the sponged golden color it was before with a bright white?! I know, there are 0 white walls in our house so this was a shock but I knew I was using the bright flowers and accents so didn't want the girls to have to wear sunglasses when they were in the bathroom ;)

I had a plan for quite awhile and started purchasing items as I came across them, like these amazing lights my sister and I found when we went to the Bouckville Antique Show this summer! Here is Dave installing them, much to his dismay since he hated them from the moment I brought them home! Can't you see the joy on his face?!?!? He had to basically rewire both lights entirely and install ceiling plates since the new lights were not as big as the old fixtures!
See how thrilled he is???

Now, we just need to get the master bathroom vanity redone & we can move those 2 vanities upstairs and complete this room! Remember when I mentioned here about the buffet that will be turned into a master dual sink vanity...well we have the buffet, sinks, faucets (thanks mom for our Christmas present!) & are just about ready to tackle that project! But for now, here is the girls bathroom & they are both totally in love with it!!

First, here are the lights in all their gaudy glory!!!

Bright crisp white walls with fun pops of colorful dots & flowers! Super hot pink shower curtain and still searching for a rug, holding out till the 2 vanities are up here & have a few little treasures saved to add once they are in place!

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