Thursday, June 24, 2010

Transformation time!!! From Buffet to Vanity!!!

So, when we first starting gutting and remodeling our 1876 built home I knew I wanted the convenience of new but the charm and look of old! Hard to sell the hubby on it since he grew up in NY and I grew up in AZ, he hates all the "old junk" and I ♥ it! :) He tells me stories how they used to break up clawfoot tubs with sledge hammers to get them out of houses and toss pieces of vintage furniture into burn piles..AAAHHH, I know I scream with each and every story!

Our house was quite a disaster when we bought it inside and out! It was a 2 family and had not been taken care of on either side. We knew it would be a total restoration but we were young with no kids and lots of energy...well 7 years later we are still not done and now we have 2 kids, WAY less energy and while we don't consider ourselves old yet we feel old! ;)

We did our master bathroom & bedroom first. While I started out thinking the kitchen would be the first room I quickly realized I could cook in a really bad kitchen easier than I could deal with a really nasty bathroom! So we made a beautiful master suite but I didn't get my way of refurbishing a dresser or buffet into our vanity since we were pushing for a quick finish with my mom coming to visit from AZ we needed a decent bathroom STAT! So, much to hubby's dismay I have never given up on this dream.

Now 7 years later we realize we need a dual vanity in the girls bathroom (already & they are only 1.5 & 5.5!!) So I see my window to finally get my way! We will take the 2 vanities in our bathroom & move them upstairs to the girls bathroom and voila an open space for my dream vanity!!! I spot this beauty on Craigslist for only $50 (which I remind my hubby several times is WAY less than a new vanity from Lowes!!) It is a buffet and literally the measurements are PERFECT for the space, allows for 2 sinks and still have counter room, plus storage in all those HUGE middle drawers!!!! It was a hard sell but finally he gave in, usually he submits sooner or later when he knows I will battle to the death on certain things!!!

Ok, so long story short.I know WAY too late ;)

Stay tuned for updates and pictures but I leave you with the pictures of our current bathroom and this buffet as we picked up, untouched yet! I am now thinking that metallic gold sponging paint I was so in love with is gonna get a makeover too..still like the gold but maybe more of a wash over the walls instead of the big blotchs!

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  1. ooh nicole that buffet is gorgeous! i can't wait to see the finished project cuz we too are working on a bath remodel with a clawfoot tub and dresser made into vanity! finding great things on CL and ebay too!
    now get back to work...cuz we want to see this makeover! LOL
    i'm off to work on my projects too.
    judi ;)