Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Today is Fathers Day and Dave got a new bike (very much wanted and needed since his current bike he has had since high school!?!?) and a book all about daddy that Savannah made at school! Happy Fathers Day to the father of my 2 beautiful girls, and to my dad who I miss each and every day but even more so on holidays like today!

We have had a busy week and with only 3 more days of school left we are anxious for some down time! There was a family picnic @ school on Friday for all the kindergarten classes, at Savannah's request we brought pizza & lemonade - her 2 FAVORITES. Such a great time and fun to see her in the school setting we never get to witness with all her little friends. We took the jam we made as teacher gifts and handed them out to everyone so she wouldn't have to lug 11 pints of jam in her backpack this week!

Savannah had her last soccer game on Saturday and played more than she has the whole season, go figure?!?! Pop-O came to watch the game so that made Savannah super happy!

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  1. Blog hopping and came across your blog! I can't believe your kids are still in school!!! When do they have to go back??? My husband was out (hes a teacher by the way LOl) May 28th is but they start back Aug 9th I think...Yuck! I saw your post on thrifting...I am a HUGE fan of it...actually is has become an addiction I think LOL! Hope you don't mind me following you!