Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FINALLY!?!?! Last day of school!!

It has finally arrived! The last and final day of Kindergarten for Savannah! Its been a long year but in other ways its flown by!!! Started off with lots of tears and fighting every morning to get on the bus. She has since learned to love school & her teacher Mrs.Bailey was THE best ever! Here is a picture of her with Savannah today when I picked her up (yea, I am THAT mom, the one who make everyone get those kodak moments whether they want to or not! ;)

Here are some pictures from this morning, much like the pictures on the 1st day of school! She has grown up so much over the past year, it makes me smile but at the same time almost cry! My little girl is getting so big so fast and it makes me want to keep Emerson small forever and never let her turn into the big girl her sister is fast becoming!

Bring on the summertime fun :)


  1. woo hoo...summertime is officially here!

    thanks for the link to the dress form...she is very nice too. don't think i have any more room though. drat! love that cage and the legs...cast iron makes me swoon.

    have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh cute post! My niece's name is Savannah and she just had her last day of kindergarten last week. It was totally bittersweet because I want her to stay little forever! (I am not even her mom and I tear up every time I think of her going to 1st grade!)