Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garage Sales + Strawberry picking = GREAT Saturday

So...I have been extremely jonesing for garage sales this summer! Savannah is doing soccer and the games are Saturday mornings @ 9am. Being a good mommy I want to be there and support her but this is putting a serious damper on my bargain hunting season! ;) Today soccer was cancelled due to went out & hit up a few neighborhood sales! Not as productive as usual garage saleing since I was unprepared and spur of the moment but managed to get some goodies!

Beautiful platter for 50cents!

Amazing antique hanging planter for $1!

Awesome gold chunky frame for 10cents!

Later this afternoon, the rain had stopped and the sun came out so we went to Tre-G farms in Manlius and picked strawberries..the crops are ready EARLY this year so we took advantage..STEAMY afternoon to pick berries but my plan is to make strawberry jam for Savannah to hand out as "thank yous" to all her teachers @ school! Never made jam before in my life but found a super easy recipe for freezer jam from one of my FAV blogs So I am gonna try it out!

I am ordering some super cute personalized labels from a website I just found when I googled canning labels, this lady is SOOO super nice and can do anything you can dream up!!!! & I plan to get fabric and ribbon and all the vintage cuteness goodies tomorrow to put these gifts together! I will post a pic of our completed projects before we take them to school next Friday, wish me luck!! :)


  1. I made the freezer jam recipe that's on the Sure-gel package last year. it is super simple and super yummy!

  2. hey nicole...thanks for the nice comment on my kitchen light!
    it's been a busy spring-wish i could blog & comment more but i must focus or my days slip bye-bye.

    did some catching up on your me some strawberries. i must go pick some and soon!

    judi ;)

  3. Those strawberries looks lush. I love picking strawberries. Back breaking work but worth it when you get to taste one right off the vine.