Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree........

We went and got our Christmas tree over the weekend...every year we hike out and cut it down and every year we say, next year we will get a fake tree to avoid the hike in deep snow, freezing cold with 2 girls whining they want to be done and go home.......but we always end up doing it again!?!? This year at a local farm they did a fundraiser for one of the area preschools -any tree, any size $20 and 100% of the profits went to the preschool! We got a really gorgeous 9' blue spruce! Of course we had to cut off about 2' to fit it in the house but that's better than normal considering I almost always pick a 12-14 foot tree but to my defense its really hard to judge the size against these 20'+ tall trees in the middle of a field of trees! Dave LOVES it, I mean absolutely loves it too because I will not let him bring his chainsaw...there is nothing Christmasy about the roar of a chainsaw & smell of oil & way..bring on that old handy bow saw for our tree!!!!

Enjoy some pictures of our adventure! Oh yea, & there was some guy walking around with a chainsaw to cut it down for you....I thought Dave was gonna come unglued when I passed on his kind offer ;) I did however get him some help dragging it outta the field to the road!!!
{Can you see Savannah's little head sticking out there, she is quite the helper!!!}

Here it is all lit up & decorated!!! The flash really shows the blue hue on the branches but makes it look a little crazy too..My crappy camera does not do it justice...I have asked Santa to bring me a fancy DSLR camera this year so we will see!!!!!

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