Saturday, December 25, 2010

MERRY Christmas!

WOW!!! Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your day was filled with family and/or friends and lots of joy!!! We had a great laid back day which is my favorite way to spend Christmas..the girls did not even change out of their pajamas at all!! We used to host Christmas dinner or have to haul them out somewhere midday but last year we started the new tradition of having just a simple family Christmas at home and its so nice!! I grew up that way and have great memories of Christmas at home and want the same for my girls!! They can play with their new toys all day, the house is a disaster with wrapping paper and cardboard all over & it doesn't matter! We still love to celebrate with the rest of the family and will do that tomorrow, our 3rd Christmas!?! We have a skype celebration with my family last weekend which was so fun to see my nieces & nephews & my mom and sisters!

My most favorite part of Christmas day is seeing the girls faces in the morning and hearing the excitement in their voices!! There is nothing else like that and nothing can top it! Here are a few pictures of our Christmas 2010!

That first view of the santa surprises!!!

Santa left Nintendo DS for Savannah & the famous doll bed & highchair for Emerson!

YUMMY breakfast, cinnamon rolls from one of my favorite food blogs!!

Now I have to run and make the red velvet cupcakes for our 3rd and final Christmas celebration tomorrow!

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