Friday, December 24, 2010

WOW, nothing like waiting till the last minute...

Ok, so remember waaaaaayy back when I gave a teaser about this great find @ Salvation Army for Emerson's Christmas gift....promised to have before & after pics sometime before 12/25....well its 12/24 and literally just finished it this morning!?!? Of course I had both pieces for months and planned to be so on top of it and get it all done early, well I started working on it Monday so I guess considering my track record of being up all night Christmas Eve finishing Santa's projects like a little elf I am doing pretty well! :)

Here is the before shot...loving the blue paint and super bright birds aren't you?!?!

I also scored this FREE great vintage highchair from someone on as the other part of her big Santa surprise!!

Sanded, primed and getting a nice coat of shiny pink paint!! Almost ready for their big reveal Christmas morning, just need a few finishing touches & of course a baby w/ accessories!!!

Here they are waiting by the tree for Emmie to see tomorrow morning.....

cannot wait to see her face!!!!!!!!!

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