Friday, December 3, 2010

Silver & Gold!

That song on Rudolph (at least I think its rudolph, with that little old man singing it?!?!) was running through my head the other day while in the midst of dragging out my Christmas decorations.......I have too much but yet didn't want to use 1/2 of it!?!? I have been in a whole "less is more" mood lately and then suddenly I remembered a blog somewhere this fall that had used branches to decorate their mantle.....We just had a crazy windy rainstorm come through so tons of branches around the yard for the taking! Hubby thought I was a little crazy but happy nonetheless since I was cleaning up the yard at the same time decorating and it was not costing him anything!! WIN WIN! is what I came up with........silver & gold metallic spray paint, a few branches....a vintage white hobnail vase I had picked up @ a rummage sale over the summer for only 25cents! Voila..I am pretty happy with it and now on the search for pine cones.....we do not have any pine trees in our yard so if you do I would be happy to come by and clean up some of those dropped pine cones ;)

Here is a little picture of it on the buffet in our dining room which is not quite complete yet...

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