Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shout out for the local farmers!!!!

Gotta love those amazing local farmers we have here in Central New York!!!! This farm is right up the road from our house and has been there for years and years, operated by the Holmes family! This is something they have never done before & as far as I know no other local farms have either. Love it! What a great small country townish way to celebrate Fall! The sign reads -"Thanks for drinking milk, have a pumpkin" are 2 little thrifty finds I made last week at a nearby Salvation Army.. the green was 99cents & the tall cream was only $2.99!
I also scored an AMAZING piece that I am saving for Emerson's Christmas present project......its the big Santa gift & its sure to please...I picked up the other piece today I managed to score for free from! Those will come sometime before December 25th I promise ;)

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