Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Falling for Fall!

Ok, so that song on Nick JR that is played a million times a day really gets into your head....For those of you with kids I know you are totally singing along right now............. :)

OH I feel like I'm falling for fall.........I'm not prevaricating nor am I exaggerating, fall has got me in its grasp, it must be said. Autumn's such a pleasin' season...You must see all the trees in their blazing colors; orange, gold and red. Should I write fall a love letter telling how I feel better every time the season comes around each year? Or maybe I'll just go on bout' how nature puts a show on as a prelude to all kinds of holiday cheer! I feel like I'm falling for fall, there are feelings of elation mixed with some anticipation when I think of all the fun there is in store. And my heart just gets to thumpin' thinkin' bout piles of leaves I'll jump in..It's no wonder that it's autumn I adore!!!

Fall really is my most favorite time of year here in central New York! Here are some pictures of the girls enjoying autumn activities! Leaves.....apples.....pumpkins.....aaahhhhhhh I heart this time of year!!!!!!!

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