Friday, October 1, 2010

Toilet Paper Pumpkin?!?!

OK - so its officially Fall and all throughout blogland pumpkins are popping up everywhere!! Actual pumpkins, & of every variety imaginable....wood, metal, fabric, cardboard...just about everything you can imagine has been turned into the Autumn fruit!

I made these pumpkins at a birthday party for my daughter's friend last was such a cute, CHEAP & super easy craft I thought I would share it! All you need is 1 roll of toilet paper, a small piece of fabric, small square of batting (roughly same size as the fabric) & a brown paper bag. I don't think you really even need the batting if you don't have it on just makes for a fatter pumpkin ;) Easy peasy craft here, no sewing, no gluing, no cutting, no mess!!!!

Take your toilet paper roll and lay it on its side on top of your batting

Start rolling, pushing in the sides of the batting/fabric as your roll

You will end up with this
Then you just need your stem! Take a brown paper bag and rip off a little piece, jam it down in the center hole & voila...a cutie cute toilet paper pumpkin is born!!!
My friend had other supplies on hand so we added green pipe cleaner twirls & some leaves to finish it off!

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  1. Oh my goodness that is SO cute!! I'm always amazed at the creative things people come up with. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!