Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sometimes a trip to the grocery store gets you more than you bargained for!

So......on my way home from grocery shopping Saturday afternoon and see a TREASURE..I am talking big time amazing, slam on the brakes, no way am I leaving this behind even if I have to strap it to the top of my car kind of treasure!!!!!!!

Problem.....I have my mom with me and 3 car seats which means my third row that is never up is up and a loaded car full of groceries!!! Luckily no kiddos with me so I was able to pull out 2 car seats, which I quickly realized I don't even know how to install or uninstall car seats since hubby always takes care of it! Further proof I don't think I could never make it as a single mom..so thankful for you Dave even though I rarely say it! Pulled out all the groceries and my mom helped me wrestle it into the back. FINALLY got it positioned right to go in and shut the back doors..Now to stuff all the groceries back in somehow! Buried my mom and every spare inch with bags and off we went!

Was it worth it???? You tell me!!!!! Check this out! An antique children's armoire!!!

My plan is to sand/paint it and make super cute & fancy for the girls dress up clothes and jewelry! Hang the dresses on the tall side, install a mirror on the back of the door and then the shoes, hats, jewelry, etc will be in the drawers!

Considering this is the state of our dress up gear now you can tell we need help!!! :)

Cannot wait and so excited to get started on this....only problem is nowhere to keep it until A. I can work on it & B. the new part of the playroom is completed since that's going to the be the dress up/pretend play room for the girls! Wish me luck on convincing Dave to help me bring it inside since its still out on the porch as of Tuesday because he REFUSES to bring another "to do" piece into the house!!!!!

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  1. That's an amazing armoire to find on the side of the road!!!