Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winner!! Winner!!

Ok...seeing how this a pretty small blog and there were a whopping 5 entries for my 1st giveaway I used the very tried & true "name out of a hat" method of picking the winner ;)  To make it official & fair I had Emmie pick the name out of the Fancy Nancy hat!  So drumroll please...........

CONGRATS to ArtsyNina & please contact me with your mailing address!

On a side note,  I am super excited to say I have signed up for my Sewing 101 @ JoAnns for this Sunday.  I paid the course fee today and picked up my supplies to make a super FAB pillowcase, considering I let Emmie pick out the fabrics with me sparkles & fairies are involved is all I am saying.  Here is to hoping that I am not the only old lady in the class since it says "kids 8 & up" on the class form! ha ha :)  Stay tuned for my creation and hopefully growing knowledge & diminshing fear of the sewing machine!!!


  1. Aww, so excited that I was the lucky name pickd out of the hat :)

    Enjoy your sewing class!

  2. What Joann's are you taking the class at? My Joann's doesn't offer classes :( I would totally sign up for one tho!