Friday, March 25, 2011

Tutus & Magic Wands!

Remember back here when I made tutus for my girls?  Well they were so thrilled & they were so easy to make, even for me! :)  I decided to make my cutie pie niece Angelina one for her upcoming 4th birthday..then I got the idea of a wand to go with it since lets face it, all fairies need a magic wand right?!?!  I took a trip to Joanns and found all the supplies fairly cheap, I of course had to make 3 since my girls had to have one too!  I let all the girls choose their colors & got to work. Supplies you need : glue gun, glitter, craft paints, spray adhesive (or even good ole Elmers glue would work!), 2 wooden stars for each wand and 2 long pieces of the balsa wood in the same wood section of Joanns, 1 super thin & 1 thicker to make it sturdy.  I had the glue, paints, glitter, ribbon and all that good stuff already so for about $1 per wand we were ready!

These wands were super easy, paint the stars whatever color you choose & I spray painted the sticks silver & gold then went over that with a clear glitter craft paint since we all know there can never be too many sparkles!!  Then take the ribbon and hot glue pieces on the inside of 1 star, finally take the long thinner piece of wood and glue that to the 1 star as well.  Take the other star & glue them together with hot glue. I also went around the edges of the star with a line of hot glue since there is a little gap, I covered that with glitter glue since its a prettier edge than the hot glue!  Trim the thicker piece of wood & add to just the handle part right at the base of the star, I used E6000 glue for this part instead of hot glue. Then I just used spray adhesive and loads of glitter to finish off the stars!

After the wands were made I got the idea of a personalized shirt and went to a super amazing site that everyone should know about if you do not already!!!! which is an AWESOME site with a ton of free downloadable fonts!  I had some iron-on transfer paper left over from a project long ago so I found a font I liked called Deja vu, perfect since they call her "Angel" & she loves to be a had a little tiara on top of the A & a wing off one side.  I downloaded it & made a big A, mirrored the image in MS Paint & printed in the the same blue as her tutu!  Simply ironed it on a $3 walmart t-shirt & we were set! 

I have since made a shirt & tutu for Emmie's friend Maura who celebrates her 3rd birthday this week!  It is fun to make these in all the different colors that each little girl chooses.  I used the razzle dazzle font for Maura, super cute letters made all out of stars!!  These are such a nice, yet inexpensive personalized homemade gift for little girls!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These are too cute. I have a little boy, and I have to admit that I'm a little jealous of all the girly crafts I see out there in blog world.

    Good luck with your sewing machine!