Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cabinet facelift!

I found this great vintage cabinet with my mom at a garage sale 2 years ago!! I remember being pregnant with Emerson & trying to shove it into the back of my Ford Escape with my mom & the homeowner's daughter!  I loved it, we brought it home dusted if off and put it right in Savannah's bedroom.  Its filled with books on the bottom and all her "treasures" as well as photos on the top shelves.  I always knew I wanted to do something to spruce it up a bit but never did...well last week I finally got the bug to get moving on it!  So here are some before shots.

It was already painted white when we bought it but had some rough spots, rather that repainting the whole thing (WAY too lazy for that!) I plan to distress it a little to make it look like it's supposed to be marked up :)

My first change; I found some super cute fabric @ Joanns and used Mod Podge (man I love this stuff!) to adhere it to the back of the cabinet. I had a $5 coupon so I splurged for the official Mod Podge tool since I ended up getting it for $1.99!

Already looking worlds better, but still not quite there.  I had paint leftover from the patchwork border my sister and I did around the room so I took each of the 3 colors and painted the shelves.

I wanted to find some cute new knobs but of course all that I fell in love with were super pricey and being cheap I could not force myself to spend $40 on knobs for a $25 cabinet!  I found a great seller on eBay and she custom made 6 knobs for me with little vintage dresses in the center of each knob.  This lady is so amazing, super nice and QUICK!  She even made this light switch cover as a special gift for Savannah! Check out her store on eBay Designer Knobs & More & trust me, even if you don't see what you are looking for ASK and you will receive!!

So here are the after pictures, I am really happy for under $20 I gave it a super nice face lift and Savannah is in love with it!

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