Monday, March 21, 2011

Entryway seating lacking?!? - Problem SOLVED!

We NEVER have enough room for people to sit down and take off/put on boots, coats, etc.  Living in Central New York you need this space for at least 7 months out of the year given the wet Fall, long Winter & muddy Spring!  We had a small hall tree with a few coat hooks on it & I have a cubby system for my girls & daycare kiddos {loving the cubbies, not so much loving the seating!}

I was lucky enough to score an awesome 10' antique church pew for FREE!!! Its amazing to live in a small town and know the right people!  It was pretty rough shape so I sanded it down & stained it a really pretty red mahogany color from Minwax, I sealed it with a rub-on tung oil because I did not want a super shiny slick finish that using poly would give you. I was planning to use a paste wax but could not get my hands on the brand I wanted & I was unwilling to wait for an online order to arrive!  Not to mention this huge pew in the garage meant Dave had been parking outside for a week now!  I also scored a free bolt of fabric from Craigslist that will become a cushion for the seat!! The seat was not original so the stain did not look the same on the back & sides as it did on the seat so what better what to break in my new sewing machine?!? I have yet to use it since I am terrified of it, or intimidated might be a better word!? Either way it scares me!!  Here is a shot of the fabric, not bad for FREE & the colors actually go pretty well with everything!

Here are some before & during photos!



  1. that is awesome!!! where did you find it? I want one now


  2. Looks great! Did you have to cut it down? Now you need a new big rug in front of it.

  3. Beautiful! My parents have an old church pew on their front porch. Love it.