Friday, March 11, 2011

Dressing up our Dress Up storage!

Remember waaaaaaaaaaay back here when I found this cabinet, last October?!?

Well Dave refused to even help get it outta my car and would not let me bring it it sat on our porch for a few days...seriously it did...then it started to rain and I snuck it inside while he was at work...but where do you hide something that BIG?!? I couldn't so I just jammed it in the laundry room (1 room he NEVER uses! HA HA) Then soon after it got moved out to the shed where all my large "sometime" projects and curb shopped items reside until I finally get moving on them, or rather he threatens to burn them! There is a paper tag on the back that reads "Montgomery Wards made for W. McMillan - Canandaigua NY - 1938" which is pretty cool if you ask me!

The playroom addition is almost done, just waiting on the carpet guy to come and install it, followed by a few more finishing touches.  We couldn't afford to hire someone to finish the drywall so that's why its been so long since my last post on the secret room! The big reveal will be sometime soon I hope!!  Since we are so close to "moving into" the new space I started to work on the cabinet this week since all along I intended it to house the girls dress up clothing!  I was so excited to finally get it out and working on it that in just 3 days its DONE!!!



Here are some closeup shots of hardware & fabric.  The only thing I could not get a good shot of is the fabric lining in all the drawers, its the deep purple sparkly fabric ~ SO FUN ~  I shopped around for new hardware but to make this a really low cost project I decided to give them a quick coat of silver spray paint instead & I love it!  The dark purple flowers are done with chalkboard paint so Savannah can write what those drawers contain; wands, hats, jewelry, etc! The large part of the cabinet on the right has a hanging bar inside for all the dresses and skirts and tutus! I still want to find a long mirror to hang on the inside of the door so they can admire themselves all decked out!

Total Cost for this project was under $10!
Cabinet - FREE
Lavender paint & silver spray paint - leftovers on hand
 2 Fabrics on 30% sale @ JoAnns - $5.45
Purple Chalkboard paint w/ 40% JoAnns coupon - $4.19
{I used maybe 1 tbs from the 8oz jar! So when you factor in that I would say the project was under $5!}


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! How Imaginative too. It sure was ugly before, but the potential was definitely there. Husband's have no idea do they.
    I really love this cupboard. Wish I had one like it.
    Megs :)

  2. I love did a great job. We just built something similar. I want to change the base to the turnings though on ours. Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks so much, Sheryl

  3. Love this! You did such a great job.

  4. Wow ~ You did an absolutely fabulous job... I can't believe where it started. It's just gorgeous now... way to go!

  5. That's fabulous! I love the purple chalkboard flowers! I thought maybe they were just vinyl cut-outs, but love this idea even more!!

  6. Great job! Love the fabric choices :)