Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

 Today marks 9 years that I have been married to my hubby! I give him a lot of grief on this blog & daily in life but I cannot imagine life without him! He makes me stay in love with him for so many reasons and gives me new reasons all the time to keep falling for him again! He puts up with me and my craziness & I put up with him and his redneck ways! We make each other laugh and smile and provide a pretty amazing life for ourselves and daughters!


Here is to the past 9 years ~ a beautiful outdoor wedding with family and friends, cross country move from Chandler AZ to New Woodstock NY, renovating a 110+ year old home, 2 beautiful daughters & lots of memories...and here is to many more years to come & new memories to be made!


  1. Congrats to the first 9 years and to the 99 more to come! Love you and your amazing family!

  2. Redneck?!?!?! Dave?!?!? Never :)

    Stephanie B. in VA