Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh Brother!?!?!?

Super excited.......I just ordered a brand spankin new Brother sewing machine!!! No I do not know how to sew & the last thing I made was a pair of shorts for Home Economics class in, umm I think it was 6th grade!  BUT I am really excited to learn! I do not have grand plans but just simple things like pillows and curtains and fun little tidbits for the girls!!  I have been saving my pennies and selling items on ebay and craigslist to buy it, the bummer is that it was on rollback for $59 when I decided I wanted to go for it and then when I finally had all the money saved it was back up to $69! :(    Here it is, has really good reviews for a beginner machine and I don't see myself ever going much beyond that of beginner status!  It's pretty too huh?!?

I had bought a sewing machine a couple years ago from Craigslist for $20 but it was a really old one and while it was nice and had tons of attachments (99% of which I had no clue what they were for!) it was too big, super heavy and the manual was so old school I did not have the patience to sit down and figure it out, I never once used it but my sister Paula, my neighbor Janine, and I think even my mother in law used it for various projects that I conned them into doing for me!  That was one of the items I sold to make the moola for this new bad boy!!! 

Wish me luck, cannot wait till it arrives & I can play with it!

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  1. Thanks for your comment! It's always fun to have new readers and blog friends. :)

    I just got my first sewing maching for Christmas. It's a Brother and I love it! Definitely perfect for a beginner like me. Have fun with your new one! Oh, and that cabinet? It's darling!!