Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Menu!

Meal #1 Navajo Tacos, spanish rice, chips & salsa
Meal #2 Creamy Mac & Cheese,  grapes, carrots
Meal #3 Paninis & Olive Garden Salad (this is a FAV in our house, we have it often!!)
Meal #4 MYO (make your own) pizza, salad, mozzerella sticks
Meal #5 Kielbasa & applesauce, biscuits, cantaloupe, green beans

A few things on my "to try" list!  I dont' always get time to make all of them in 1 particular week but as I find recipes I write them down, grab any items on my grocery run so I know I have all the ingredients and keep an ongoing list to pick and choose from when we want a special snack!  My after school kiddos usually are my guinea pigs but they don't seem to mind as long as I have goldfish as a backup!

Chocolate croissants - WOWZER these look soooo good!

Breakfast cookies - always on the search for new quick & healthy breakfast foods for weekdays!

Snowcream - I have had this recipe for months now & trust me there has been NO shortage of fresh snow around here but we just have not gotten around to it yet so hoping to finally try it this week!

Frozen banana bites - I wont go the vegan route with these like it calls for but I do only use natural PB!

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