Saturday, April 30, 2011

Simple Skirts!

OK....long story short..I bought this super cute pale pink and yellow eyelet material to make smocked sundresses for the girls.....well standing at the cutting counter I notice how thin it is, grab some muslin to back it with and off I go to sew with some girlfriends.... well BAD choice.. I don't know if it was the 2 fabrics or my machine or what but PROJECT FAIL!  I should have gone with a plain thicker cotton and so now I still had this fabric which I loved and couldn't just let it I had seen this tutorial on MADE and thought why not?!? 

I ran into a local fabric store grabbed elastic (and wicked cute cotton fabrics for the smocked sundresses too) and put these together in an afternoon..super simple (even for me!?!?)! The part that took the longest was feeding the elastic through the waistband, other than that super quick and the girls love them since they have "just the right amount of twirl" to quote my oldest!

BONUS - you get to see my gorgeous forsythia bushes in bloom out front! LOVE them & this is by the far the best they have been since planting them. I got all 3 for less than $10 total on the end of season clearance at Lowes, they looked like dead sticks in buckets but now check it out!

Stay tuned for the sundresses once I get brave enough to try it again I will post pics! Wish me luck!!

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