Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homegrown Garden Goodness!

Our garden is doing AMAZING this summer!  So exciting to watch everything take off from seeds & tiny sprouts to full over sized plants!  This is by far our biggest & best garden yet!

We are over run with cucumbers 

 sugar snap peas {although these never even make it in the house, we eat them as fast as the vine produces!}

The 3 varieties of tomato plants are hanging to the ground with green tomatoes, the grapes have started to turn red! 

All 6 green pepper plants have peppers on them now

 green beans are over 6 feet tall, we plant pole beans in a tee pee 

The potato plants and carrots are bigger than we have ever seen before so we cannot wait to dig them up!

The MOST exciting news is that Emmie's cantaloupe plant has fruit on it! We have never before tried cantaloupe or any melons and she is over the moon excited since that is the 1 plant she chose for our garden. There are at least 3 little melons started on it so lets hope they make it into full size so she can enjoy them!

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  1. I sure hope you still have some when I come later this month!