Monday, August 22, 2011

Bathroom Vanity!

I think I have FINALLY come up with a solution for our dining buffet turned bathroom vanity we have planned for our master bathroom!  Remember WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY back here, where I talked about the buffet we bought on craigslist to use as a vanity?  It was sitting in our bathroom blocking our tub for months, well  then I found another buffet {much to Dave's dismay, but in my defense I told him if we moved faster on projects I wouldn't be able to change the plan so often!} So...that 1st buffet is now a TV stand that holds all our DVDs and such! 

This is the new buffet I found and LOVE LOVE LOVE, big fat ♥ it I tell you!

Seriously, look at those legs....
and those doors....
and all those details.....

Swooning right now aren't you?!? We have had the sinks & gorgeous faucets for months now........

Just waiting to figure out a plan for the counter top...I wanted to keep it wood since its BEAUTIFUL...but there are some scratches and issues with the top, plus it will get wet everyday. I do not want to cover it with granite or tile or anything...thought about a beautiful marble top..but that means serious $$ cha-ching....

Surfing pinterest and saw this image!

then a friend sent me to here!

How cool is that?!?! We have a cream/copper color scheme going on & this would be sooo cool!  Any ideas on how to break the news to Dave of my plan?!?!


  1. I think your buffet turned vanity is going to look FANTASTIC! And the new one is awesome too!! Love finding stuff like this! If your thinking of marble, go to your local (independantly owned) tile or stone store and ask to see their remnants. You will be surprised how inexpensive they are!! :)

  2. I second the remnant idea. I was thinking of that. It is a narrow piece.
    Crazy penny desk. What an idea, very fun!