Friday, August 12, 2011

Shopping for a desk & come home with a bed & stool?!?!

These are the things that mystify the hubby!  I ran out this morning to a local garage sale in search of a desk to use for my sewing machine..I have been on a quest to find something that will work in our guest room so I can leave my machine set up all the time.  I have had no luck yet {in my price range at least!} to find something and after seeing a garage sale advertised on craigslist I chatted with the woman and she said they had 2 desks.  So, loaded up the girls this morning and run over....only to discover the desks are too small...but they had amazing other treasures...loads of furniture {vintage super cool furniture}! So my quest for a desk is still on but............

 I managed to snag this full size bed for $10 !!

Just look at those turns! Solid wood & amazing!

and this awesome stool I have been searching for since the girls used one at a church awhile back for only $3!  Its in fantastic shape and once we spray it with a funky color will be perfect!


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  1. Great finds! I have a stool just like that but with an upholstered seat and back. In the garage doing nothing but waiting for grandkids that I don't want for like at least 5 years!!!
    Love ya-