Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Camera strap cover ups!

It feels like forever since I have sat down in front of my sewing machine!  Summer is a busy time and considering here in Syracuse we only get a few months to be outside enjoying the warmth summer brings I just have not sat down to any projects!  Not that there is a shortage of projects on my To Do list mind you!

I saw these super cute camera strap covers on tipnut & saved them to my pinterest boards awhile back. I happen to have made a new friend this past year that is an amazing photographer and it just so happens she  celebrated her 40th birthday last week...so I thought what easier way to jump back into sewing than with a quick simple project?!?  Well nothing with me and sewing ever seems to go quick or be simple so it took longer and I made more mistakes than an experienced seamstress would have but.....I managed to "git er done"!

I bought some funky fabrics & a minky type fabric to back them with so it would be nice and soft on her neck.  I think had I gone with just regular fabric it would have gone easier since the minky fabric is a little difficult to work with since it stretches so much.

Here are my fabrics {love those funky Amy Butler patterns}

I cut them way too thin the first time which of course I didn't realize until after I had completed them...so rather than waste the fabric & time...I made some adjustments & lets just say the winner of the ice pop cozies on 3 Crazie Monkeys will be getting a seriously fancy set!  So, that's when I picked this tutorial to follow instead of winging it on my own again!

So, here they are and if Jenn is reading this...surprise & happy belated birthday! ☻

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