Thursday, August 25, 2011

Applique T-shirt! I have seen super cute applique work all over but was always too intimidated and scared to try it..this morning a friend {my super amazing seamstress friend!} invited me over for a little sewing session. I am getting the sewing bug again since I did those camera strap covers for my friend.  I wasn't planning on creating anything today so she suggested doing an applique on the girls shirts..when she offers you do not decline because she ROCKS and I learn so much from her in the sewing world!

Here is Emmie's cute little t-shirt! Savannah has decided she wants a bunny on her shirt so I am looking online for a design that will meet her demands! So fun and so easy!  Just grab a plain t-shirt, coordinating fabrics {I used 2 fabrics for this but its totally up to you & possibilities are endless!}, fusible interfacing, heat-n-bond, then find a design you like and go to town!  I didn't take pictures of any of the steps since I wasn't at home doing this but its really easy! If I can do it, anyone can do it!  

Find a design & trace it on the heat-n-bond, cut that design out & iron it onto your fabric then simply cut out the fabric w/ heat-n-bond attached, remove backing and iron onto your shirt.  Then take the fusible webbing on the inside of the shirt and iron that in place behind the applique.  Zigzag stitch around the entire design {this is the trickiest part for sure but if you go really slow its totally fine!} voila.....super cute fancied up t-shirt!

I think I might just have found my newest addiction, watch out everything will now have an applique on it! HA! HA!Can't you just picture Dave's dress shirts for work with a cute little sailboat or something! He would just LOVE it!

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