Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gardening we will go....

Since moving to NY I have found a love for gardening! Flowers & vegetables & fruit! Savannah seems to have taken on the same love affair as well. Dave grew up having a HUGE vegetable garden that his family of 4 lived off of but I never did.

This is our garden a few short months ago.....HUGE firewood pile where the vegetables should be planted & a stack of beat up fence against the shed.

We don't have a huge yard and we want plenty of space for the girls to run and play so we had always put our garden off to the side in a super sunny part of the yard and kept it fairly small. However, that seems to be where the kids always want to be or balls always land, etc. etc. Early this Spring hubby scored a bunch of free picket fence from an old co-worker and so developed our plan to fence off our garden & make a permanent spot for it. Its bigger than ever before and now I will have room for an herb garden and more vegetables too! Cannot WAIT till it is time to plan & plant next year's garden!! Dave got all the fence installed & I sanded it down & gave it a fresh coat of crisp white paint. There is just something so quaint and country about white picket fence!! I know its cliche but being a city girl turned country I love it!!!!

Of course I could not just put up this fence and then leave it plain jane with no cutesy little garden decor :) Sometimes procrastinating is not necessarily a bad thing since all the garden goods are now on clearance everywhere!! I am still searching for a sign to hang in the entry arch but haven't been able to find one I want. A tin sign that reads "Homegrown" or "Fresh Produce" is what I have in mind so I will keep searching! We have grape vines planted on each side of the arch and cannot wait for the entire thing to be covered with fruit bearing vines!


  1. The fence is too precious as are your fancy touches!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post. :o)

    Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

  2. Nichole,
    I just love your fence and the arch! It is so pretty.. Your decorative touches are great too.
    Glad you are enjoying CNY. I grew up here and it really does have everything you could want.