Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A little peek at the curbside chest turned window seat! As you can tell Emmie is excited about her new piece of furniture!!

I am still waiting to get the new knobs in the mail, hoping they make it here tomorrow or sometime soon! Trying to get fabric shopping this week while JoAnn's has their coupon commotion sale going on then to convince my mother in law or neighbor to quickly sew up a cushion for the top and we are done!! :)
Distressed it a little since let's face it, if I don't Emmie will once its in her room so might as well give it a little headstart! I have done the scrapbook paper lining inside and LOVE cute & super easy with Mod Podge..I think fabric probably would have been better & more durable in the long run but was worried about working with it as a large piece and the ends being frayed, etc.etc...that's just me doubting myself since I have dubbed myself "uncrafty"! Oh well, always next time to try something new!

So far it looks worlds better and Savannah has already learned the lesson of not judging a book by its cover..something might be beautiful if only give it a chance! cannot wait to see the end product & hope to finish it up soon so we can post a picture!

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