Friday, July 9, 2010

Window Bench update....

Already way better...24 hours after picking it up on the side of the road its been cleaned of spider webs and all the critters evacuated...sanded down A TON & I had to remove all the laminate from the one side since it was peeling off really bad, hardware removed & I repainted the large pieces black and am searching for cute new knobs..Primed white and looking so much more lovely & worthy of Emmie's room already! Took these pictures yesterday afternoon in the sweltering heat while the girls played in the pool, got a lovely sunburn on my back but I am so determined to get this cabinet done ASAP and show Savannah not to judge things by 1st glance!!! :) Dave is thrilled that its not going to just take up residence in the garage or attic for months until I finally do something with it!!

I gave it a first coat of the pink paint this morning, so cute and hope to do the second coat tonight. I have a GREAT plan for the inside too. I saw on one of my top blogs this cool trick to mod podge fabric or scrapbook paper inside cabinet drawers to dress it up so hoping to find a really cute matching paper!

Here are some options for knobs I have found so far I think the pink will really POP off the dark black plate behind it!

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  1. nichole...this is suweet! love what your doing so far and can't wait to see it finished in all its cuteness. oh and love the pink rose knob in first pic.
    judi ;)