Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eat your words!!!

So, driving home from errands this morning I see a pile of FREEBIES on the side of the road..of course I have to pull over and look! I spot this great old chest..really rough shape but I see its future as a pale pink lightly distressed window seat w/ a cushion on top and inside is a place to store all her books! It is really bad and will need lots of sanding, cleanup, paint and new door hardware so I am undecided if I should grab it since I have quite the stash of "projects" at home already...

Savannah sees me eyeing it up and opening the doors, she then yells from the car "Mom there is NO WAY you are getting that, its JUNK" Umm, I had to turn around and make sure it wasn't Dave I had with me! ;) So then it MUST come home with us and I MUST make it beautiful...this thing is insanely HEAVY but I dragged it to the car and got it in the back somehow!! I get in the car to drive away and Savannah keeps going on and on about how its gross and its junky and she would NEVER want anything like that..I tell her my plans for it and its going to be so amazing she will be begging me to let her have it..BUT its destined for Emerson's room right below her window and I can already see her sitting on top, reading books and looking so cute!

"You will eat your words my darling oldest daughter" I tell her when we get home. She is quick to inform me "No way, I won't ever" then a couple minutes later "Mom what does eat your words mean?" I explain to her that means she will be sorry she said that and wishing to take it back when she sees her little sister enjoying her beautiful window seat as a private reading spot!

She rolls her eyes and walks away..........ok, so that part of her is all me but the JUNKY comment & attitude towards old discarded pieces part is all Daddy!

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