Thursday, July 1, 2010

A week full of Veggies & Paint!

This week my girls & hubby have eaten the following foods without a clue!!! Sweet potatoes, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, blueberries, plain non-fat yogurt, celery, & butternut squash!!! WAAHOO I am feeling mighty victorious so far!!! Here they are playing in the backyard since they are so full of energy from all the nutritious food they are unknowingly consuming! ;)

Quick update on our master bathroom face lift (I learned to call it that instead of renovation/remodel because hubby is so not thrilled I am changing ANYTHING since its all brand new 7 years ago & we already have a "to do" list a mile long!) The buffet is still sitting in front of our tub untouched yet, it is however serving as a place for dirty laundry, toys, cleaning supplies, etc. etc.

I have yet to decide on the sinks to use, was really wanting a vessel sink since I like the look of those & it would save space underneath for more storage...but it might make it too high since the buffet is already taller than a normal vanity. We are both tall so I was happy to have a raised vanity but by the time you put a vessel sink I think it would be too much and there is a no way Savannah could wash her hands in there without a step stool.... I have started painting though...I LOVE what paint can do to change a room but I HATE the whole process, the taping off, the actual painting & the cleanup...ugh! BUT I am happy so far, here is a little peek at the new was cream with metallic gold sponging before which I was not a fan of anymore...I still like the gold though so I took the metallic gold paint and watered it down a bit then used a rag to basically wash the walls..3 coats and its a shade I can live with, at least for now ;)

So now to decide, vessel or regular drop in sink?!?!? Most vessel sinks are really modern but I have found several porcelain and glass ones that have that old vintage look & charm about them!

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