Saturday, July 24, 2010


Seriously! I got this for only $20 this morning!! An AHHHH-mazing antique washstand. It was marked only $25 which was an sweet deal but I had NOWHERE to put it, the wood would not match any room in my house...but I could not walk away from it...finally decided I would go home see if I could figure out where to put it and then get hubby to let me go back for it ;)

I got 1/2 way home turned around and went back for it....had to have it and will paint it to match the guest bedroom furniture or figure out somewhere for it!!! The nicest older woman who I bought it from said it was her grandmothers and they had gotten rid of the rest of the bedroom furniture to other family members but this was left, she was thrilled it would go to someones house and not an antique dealer & I was thrilled to take it home! Its gorgeous & the porcelain bowl is in perfect condition with that great crackly finish & beautiful detailing around the outer edge!

Just had to share my amazing find, was not even out to shop garage sales, I was volunteering @ my local MOMS Club rummage sale and saw this yard sale on my home, so glad I stopped since I brought home this treasure and 3 awesome metal barn stars to decorate my new garden fence! Promise that post is coming soon too...I keep teasing with tidbits but I just want to get it a little more put together before I show it off! :)

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