Sunday, July 18, 2010

A handsome stranger!

So, yesterday I went garage saleing with my trusty partner in crime Janine....but along the way I met a handsome stranger and I am thinking it will be a long garage sale based relationship...
We were laughing so hard as I was trying to get balanced beside him for the picture alongside the road it was HILARIOUS!!! People must think we were crazy or started out the day with a little something extra in our coffee! ;)

I did manage to find a few great treasures while hunting alongside Erieville Lake...this chair for the teeny tiny price of 50cents!?!?!

I am envisioning it minus the ever so lovely toilet seat cover cushion and painted a bright funky color with a cute fabric seat!

This great cast iron birdbath for only $2!?!?! It shows a little peek of our garden fence which is coming in a post of its own soon!

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