Monday, August 2, 2010

A million & one half done projects......

Do you ever feel like that? I swear my life is in a constant state of 1/2 complete, almost finished, just about there......I am surrounded by incomplete projects inside and outside of our home....I have made it my mission lately to finish what I already have started before jumping into something else....I tried unsuccessfully to explain to Dave that doesn't mean I am not going to be bringing home new treasures that will need work but he didn't get it...Oh well!?!?
Finally I have gotten around to making the bulletin board that I have been planning forevah and a day! I have wanted a nice large bulletin board for beside my desk but couldn't ever find one that I liked or for a price I agreed with :) Found this super big frame @ a garage sale for only $2!
It was actually really quick & easy, not sure why I put if off for sooooo long! I just took the paper backing off the frame, popped the painting out to paint the frame, I finally broke down & bought one of those handles for the spray paint cans, let me tell you, best $2.79 I ever spent!!! The frame was already gold but a little too shiny 70s for my taste (I used Rustoleum Hammered Gold, I love that vintage goldtone on anything & everything), I used the 12x12 cork squares from a package @ Walmart, just stuck them right onto the painting with the little sticky squares in the pack. The fabric was on clearance @ JoAnns for $6 a yard, I wrapped it around the painting on top of the cork & grabbed hubbies staple gun to attach it to the back, popped it back in the frame & voila.......
Now if I can just get hubby to hang it up for me....I always forget until he either A. is not home or B. the kids are asleep & no way are we hammering into the wall steps from their bedrooms! My whole "If you wake her you take her" motto will come back to bite me in the butt since I would be the one waking her!?!?!? I might just take it upon myself to hang it today, get that checkmark on my "To Do" list!!...much to hubby's dismay I am becoming more independent with his tools that he cares for! HaHa!

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