Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Cape!

Soooooo, we are back from a week in beautiful Cape Cod, MA! We stayed in the oldest town on the Cape, East Sandwich. Such a cute & quaint little town, here is our little (I should say TEENY TINY!!)cottage just a short walk to the beach!

We have NEVER taken an actual family vacation, we have really not taken a vacation since our honeymoon in March, 2002 so we were super excited for this getaway! No schedules, no work, no house projects, no plans...just enjoy family time, the beach, little treasures this beautiful part of the country has to offer!

Knowing nothing about the Cape we got a little input from friends and just booked a place based on price mainly! The water was VERY cold since we were on the bay side and the beaches in Sandwich are really rocky as you get over the dunes and close to the water..The girls liked to dig in the sand and play on the shore though...
We soon learned about low tide times which are truly AMAZING! These sand bars that go for miles and the critters you can find much to Savannah's delight! Starfish, hermit crabs, clams, crabs, sand dollars...AMAZING! We brought home buckets of sand and stones and shells for a project I had planned before our vacation (coming in a post soon I hope!) Here are pictures of us on our last night on one of the sand bars.

We went to Peter Rabbit Day at the Thornton Burgess museum. They had tons of rabbits to see & cute crafts for the kids to do, this is a big event for the local people each year.

We did spend one day at Craigsville beach in the town of Barnstable which is on the ocean side. The water was much warmer and we were all able to get in and play! Beaches were sandy & what I was used to living in AZ and spending time @ California & Mexico beaches growing up, but super crowded too! Not to mention the helicopter that kept flying over to watch for sharks and scare them back out into deeper waters!?!?!

While in that area we HAD to check out Centerville Pie Company, since its recommended by Oprah herself :) Let me tell you....WOWEEE I don't care if Oprah liked it or not...its AMAZING!!!! We had a banana creme pie and Dave & I ate it in the car on the way back to our cottage!!! Not the whole pie but I swear I could have!!! We brought home a peach pie to take for a dinner with friends and that was amazing as well! I wish that place was closer & am so thankful they ship pies :)

The town of Sandwich has this AMAZING boardwalk that was rebuilt by residents after being destroyed by a hurricane in the early 90's.

We did take 1 day and drive up the cape all the way to Provincetown. Stopped along the way at a few little spots, the drive was not at all like I hoped. I thought it would be a drive along the coast or be where you could see water on both sides of you but its just a main highway in the middle of the cape so you only see villages and woods :( Still was nice to travel the whole Cape and check out bits & pieces so we could plan another trip sometime!

All in all it was truly a wonderful week and quality family time with lots of sunshine and fun! Who could ask for a better summer vacation? Now to get ready for Fall (my most FAVORITE season!) and back to school for Savannah next month, 1st grade here we come!!!!

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