Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dollar Tree ROCKS my world!?!?!?

Seriously....who doesn't love the Dollar Tree..one of the few Dollar Stores that everything is actually only 1 single dollar!!!!!! Sometimes even 2 for $1!!! WAAAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was inspired by this project & knowing we were going to the beach for our vacation I knew I would have free sand, shells & pebbles so even cheaper project!!! Literally only $2 each hurricane!!! I ran to the store & bought these items before we left town just in case some CNY'ers got crafty after watching the same blogs I stalk ;)

So, here are the $6 worth of goodies fresh from the Dollar Tree here they are after the help of some Gorilla Glue!

Now, here is my post vacation masterpiece ;) Currently they are sitting on my ugly mantle...and soon (hint hint hubby) they will be sitting on my beautiful vintage mantle...hopefully before summer is totally over and I have packed them away to bring out my glorious fall decor! I have a feeling that won't be happening but I will have them for next summer when surely it will be complete along with the other hundreds of projects we have going on around here.

Seriously though, what a super cheap yet beautiful way to have reminders of our family beach vacation displayed!


  1. I have seen this too and sooo want to try it, yet I never remember to pick those bad boys up when I am there LOL! Yours turned out perfect!

  2. don't pack them away!
    empty and re-use for the next holiday...i fill them with smaller vintage christmas bulbs, pebbles or leaves, dried beans/peas/etc for candle fillers in spring or fall or beach glass with white skinny candles for my winter mantel.
    they are so versatile and yes oh so cheap!
    are you going to bouckville? hoping to go thursday.

    judi ;)