Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bouckville Treasures.....

Ok, I am usually bursting @ the seams to post about my thrifty finds but I have been holding out for a few days now....Bouckville Antique Show was last weekend & since moving to CNY in 2002 I have wanted to go but never have....several months ago I made my oldest sister Paula promise to come visit & go with me!! A fun sister weekend since she loves the oldies as much as me! She came and we had a great time! I really do miss my sisters, since we tormented each other growing up (I am the baby & always got picked on!!) now are the times where we would actually enjoy being around each other and everyone kiddos too!
As you will see in a previous post while hitting garage sales with my friend Janine I think I have a thing for mannequins!! Kidding, I found out my nieces LOVED the handsome stranger so when we saw these we couldn't disappoint!

I bought a few really cool vintage items, wishing I had WAY more $$ and Paula wishing she had driven a truck instead of hopped a plane with a small suitcase! I am holding out on a few items until I am done converting them into the picture in my mind (hubby says that is a VERY dangerous place to be!!) BUT I just couldn't stand not blogging about some of my treasures & showing you silly sisters having a GREAT Saturday!! :)
Great set of old milk bottles w/ holder!
All these bottles got was a good long soak & scrub..the carrier is a little rusty & dingy but I like it that way!

Bread box BEFORE

Bread box AFTER a much needed face lift :)

Few coats of cream spray paint, stenciled on BREAD with black and added a cute little handle on the top!! Now its & home in the corner of my kitchen & I am thrilled with it!

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  1. what a great idea! i am thinking i need a breadbox and am dying to use a cute little font like this one! yahoo for fun makeovers! great job dear!